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Discover our diverse CBD selection from our Berlin CBD Shop online. Discover out all of our CBD oils, vaporizers and cosmetics now. Our passionate team of experts will be happy to share their knowledge and help you to choose your new favourite product(s).

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You are wondering what is about the CBD trend and would like to explore the relaxing effects of our creations but still got some questions beforehand? In Berlin, you got the opportunity to inform yourself about our range of products by texting us via mail:, calling us: +49 (0)30 23323 8530. We're more than happy to welcome and help you.

Get to know our beneficial CBD oils, wellness products and cosmetics and take all the time in the world to make your choice. Our friendly service team explain everything you want to know about CBD and hemp oil.

What is so special about our shops?

Our HERBLIZ online shop is not a typical CBD shop. We like to take time for our customers and love to exchange information about the many fascinating fields of application of industrial hemp. 

With us, you will not only receive excellent, professional advice from our expert team but also high-quality products created by having our beautiful nature in mind.

Just contact us by writing us via email:, calling us: +49 (0)30 23323 8530.

We can tell you more about our in-house CBD manufacture as well as our popular bestsellers. Convince yourself of the quality of our wellness products!

The Quality of our Products

All products of our HERBLIZ brand are made from the best ingredients of nature. In the production of our oils and cosmetics, we are using 100% natural ingredients, free of synthetic additives, pesticides or herbicides.

We of course don't do any animal testing. We also rely on a sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing process for all our products. For our CBD oils, we only use raw materials from European GMP-certified farming. 

All HERBLIZ products are manufactured according to strict EU guidelines and are regularly tested by independent laboratories. Through these complex processes, we can guarantee a permanent high quality of our HERBLIZ products.

Our HERBLIZ hemp cosmetics line has been awarded the ECOCERT seal of approval, one of the world's largest certifiers of organic natural cosmetics. Our CBD wellness line is also completely vegan.

We're happy to hear from you soon! Your HERBLIZ team.

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Prefer dropper over spray?
We care for you! Due to the recent results of our customer satisfaction survey and the many advantages of the spray applicator we changed to CBD sprays. Nevertheless some of you asked us to get the dropper back. Just add it for free in the next step.