The concept of microdosing enjoys a growing popularity all over the world


CBD & Hemp Dictionary | 22.04.2022

Being more creative, more concentrated, more alert, more efficient - these are the goals of our high-performance society. People from the microdoser scene believe that they have already discovered the key to success. Usually, they take LSD or other psychedelics in very small quantities, for example, and hope it will make them more productive at work, but also in their everyday lives. Many swear by microdosing. But whether it really brings positive effects is still unclear.

Microdosing explained

In Germany, the concept of microdosing is not that widespread yet. This is because it originated in Silicon Valley in California which is characterized by hard-working entrepreneurs and high performance requirements. In order to withstand the pressure and perform as well as possible, some of the entrepreneurs take tiny doses of substances like LSD on a daily basis.

Of course, this principle works not only with LSD, but also with all other substances that can be taken in small doses. But what exactly is a microdose? In the case of LSD, it is basically understood to be about 5-20 micrograms. The amount is about one tenth of what one would have to take to experience a high. While some people take their microdose on a daily basis, others only do so before special appointments in order to be particularly efficient. Studies on the topic of microdosing are still very thin. It is therefore almost impossible to say how high the health risks are with such small quantities. On the other hand, the question is raised whether one feels anything at all from a microdose or whether it is rather a placebo effect.

CBD & Microdosing

Originally, microdosing was about taking very low doses of psychedelics. In the meantime, however, other substances were also tried and tested. After many cannabis lovers have experienced that a small daily dose of THC helps them to be more productive throughout the day, CBD has now also entered the world of microdosing. Therefore, the effects can last throughout the day and microdosing is also meant to prevent the likelihood of feeling side effects such as drowsiness or a dry mouth. It is very individual how much CBD is appropriate for a microdose. In this case, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

As a complete beginner, you should probably start with about 5mg (about one drop) per day of 10% CBD oil. Depending on what kind of daily dose you feel comfortable with, you can then distribute it throughout the day. Microdosing CBD oil is probably the most flexible method, as you can control the exact amount you take. When vaporising, the estimation is a bit more difficult - but also possible.

History of Microdosing

In the 1960s, a cultural revolution emanated from the USA. While some sought the abolition of western capitalist forms of society, others wanted to overcome the alleged "spiritual vacuum" of western countries. Today, microdosing is no longer about the rebellious individual distancing himself from society. Instead, the followers of the microdosing scene are much more concerned with practical, measurable benefits for specific purposes.

The connection between self-optimisation and drug use was already a hot topic in the 1980s, because at that time cocaine was seen as a performance-enhancing substance. In the 1990s, ecstasy was added; the high was used to increase productivity and creativity. Recreational highs were thought to have an impact on productivity at work. At some point, it was clear that workers' periods of recovery were limiting them after such a trip. This gave rise to the idea of microdosing. People wanted to function better - and not just for a few hours a week, but permanently. So today - in the context of microdosing - it is no longer primarily about the respiritalisation of the western world, but about higher productivity.

Good to know about Microdosing

Microdosing actually sounds quite positive at first, right? But apart from the fact that psychedelic substances are banned in most countries, there is of course a health risk associated with their use. In addition, the actual benefits of microdosing have not yet been scientifically proven. Some researchers are of the opinion that psychedelic substances have an impact on specific parts of the brain (even in microdoses). Other scientists argue that this does not mean that it has a positive benefit for us. The experience reports of many microdosers hardly coincide with scientific results so far. So either the results are still too inaccurate, or the effect is actually rather due to a placebo effect.