CBD Vape Starter Kit

Content: 0.5 ml (250 mg CBD)
250 mg CBD - 0.5 ml
€89.98 / 1 ml, incl. VAT
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Kick off your vape experience completely worry-free with our starter kit of Mastiq Vape Pen and Classic CBD Oil cartridge 50%

Application of CBD Vape Starter Kit

The Maxstiq Vape Pen is a high-quality CBD vape pen that is manufactured free of varnishes and plastics, ensuring the best quality. Thanks to the powerful battery, you will benefit from a pleasant CBD vapor experience for a long time. With four variable voltage settings, you can easily regulate the temperature of the Maxstiq Vape Pen. But don't worry, thanks to the overheating protection, the vape pen can never get too hot. The Maxstiq Vape Pen is compatible with most 510 VAPE cartridges.

The Cartidge contains:

Naturally derived CBD from Cannabis Sativa Leaf Extract: Contains natural terpenes. Ensures a good oral hygiene.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the hemp plant is actually not a new discovery? The ancient Egyptians already knew about the topical use of cannabis. None other than Pharaoh Ramses II, who reigned over three thousand years ago, advised his people to take the cannabis plant.


CANNABIS SATIVA (Hemp) LEAF EXTRACT Product is registered in accordance to EU tobacco law - EC-ID 01501-21-00093
CBD Vape Starter Kit in high quality packaging

Product details

Are you new to the vape world? If so, our starter kit is just perfect for you!

This way you are equipped with everything you need to start your CBD vapor experience. It contains the innovative and elegant HERBLIZ Mastiq Vape Pen, a USB cable, and three HERBLIZ Classic CBD cartridges 50% in a discount pack!

Your health is our top priority. That's why we follow the legal THC guidelines and have had our cartridges and vape pen tested for toxins and emissions. No more obstacles to your vape experience!

Ingredients of our product

Before using the pen for the first time, charge it and then connect the cartridge to it. Next, start inhaling the cannabidiol vapor by pulling on your pen and taking regular puffs to ensure the best CBD experience.

Our recommendation for full CBD enjoyment: inhale 3 times in a row, then take a short break and repeat this process 2 times. Maximum 15 puffs per day. The number of puffs should not be exceeded.

Purchase and use only above the age of 18. Must be kept out of the hands of children and adolescents.
Not suitable for children and pregnant women.


If the LED flashes around the on / off button (round button), the device needs to be charged.

Plug the enclosed USB cable into the provided device (Pen below), connect it to a suitable USB plug socket to start the charging process.

The USB charging indicator will turn red when charging and green when fully charged. It usually takes 2 to 3 hours to reach full charge.

Overheat Protection:

When the on / off button (round button) is pressed for 10 seconds, the pen will turn off. This is indicated by flashing several times. For further use, simply press the on / off switch (round button) briefly again.

Using the Vape Pen:

The device is either turned on or off by pressing the on / off button (round button) 5 times.

There are 3 temperature settings. You can control the temperature with these 3 settings.

The temperature levels can be changed by pressing the on / off switch 3 times. White represents low, blue represents medium and red represents the highest temperature level. We recommend using the lowest level (white, approx. 150°C).

CBD Vape Starter Kit manufactured in Berlin
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